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What is the Woman Card Project?

The Woman Card Project was inspired by the words of Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton during the campaign trail "you have the woman card" with those exact words Maddy Kramer got inspired and started the Woman Card Project with the help of group illustrators who support gender equality ww brought the project to life. 

The deck is made of important women (or more colloquially: Yas queens) who have and continue to spark change around the world regardless of their gender. Made after comments by Donald Trump in regard to Hillary Clinton, where he attributes her candidacy, not to her hard work but to her gender -- This deck aims to turn negatives into positives by calling out damaging gender stereotypes, and remind people there is no such thing as a ‘Woman Card’. Until now ;).


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Morris Davila

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Gerardo Guillén
Celeste Dalairac
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Andy McLeod
Karla Nava
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Diego Rionda
Manuel Torres Kortright
Maria Isabel Correa
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Matias Aubi
Candida Asencio
Elisa Lopes
Juan Pedro Gonzalez
Mother Monkey
Jimmy Courtice
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Fernando Suarez
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Ioana Harasim
Marina Ruiz
Courtney Davidson
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Cameron Miller

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Maddy Kramer